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Gaining Trust and Loving Out Loud

All youth organizations have a focus. Our youth organization includes hands-on workshops that range from making short films to science experiments to learning how to make pizza. We also foster different experiences than other youth organizations, like trips to local historical sites. Many youth organizations focus on one thing, but we know that we need to provide positive experiences that are as diverse as the kids we meet. Project LOL is a youth organizations that helps build kids bond and trust.


Although our youth organizations approach embraces fun, we are serious in our mission to empower youth through positive youth organizations experiences.


Each board member and workshop leader at Project LOL is committed to this youth organizations and helping kids create positive relationships. They are present for the kids, and provide nonjudgmental support through consistency, listening and encouragement – all cleverly disguised as fun.


We know you could support a number of youth organizations and appreciate you stopping by to check us out. You can support Project LOL through donations of funds, supplies and venues. Or by volunteering your time to lead a workshop or helping at special events. Contact us today and let’s talk about youth organizations.  [hyperlinks to how to donate//other pages]


Project Love Out Loud holds many fundraising events throughout the year. In-kind donations can be used for prizes in raffles, student of the month rewards, and graduation gifts


Questions about giving? Call us at: 619.500.3565 for more information.


We recently held a two-week workshop series dedicated to science!  Project LOL Volunteer Tracey and her friends (and coworkers) Arra, Karina, and Lissette spent time exploring the scientific method with the teens as well as giving them a little bit of insight into what a career in the sciences looks like.


We took a CLOSE look at the germs that live on our hands and talked about the microbes that live in our environment!  We also broke down the science of how butter is made and STILL had time to revisit our favorite exothermic reaction, Ice Cream in a Bag!  It’s not magic, it’s science!


Thank you to Arra, Lissette, Karina, Lilly, and Project LOL Volunteers Tracey, Eileen, and Kelli!


Project LOL makes ice cream in a bag!

Project LOL makes ice cream in a bag!


Try this at home!


Ice Cream in a Bag!




Quart-sized zip top plastic bag

Gallon-sized zip top plastic bag

Ice cubes

1/2 cup salt

1 cup half & half

3 tablespoons sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla



Pour the half and half, sugar, and vanilla into the smaller bag and seal the bag tightly.  Place the smaller bag inside the larger bag and add ice cubes.  Add about 1/2 cup of salt and seal the larger bag, removing as much air as possible.  Shake the bag vigorously (you may need to cover the bag with a towel as this mixture WILL get cold!).  In 8-15 minutes, ice cream!  Enjoy!


Project LOL Volunteer Paola introduced the Project LOL gang to her famous pizza last weekend!  She showed everyone how to recreate her dough step-by-step, and even provided a recipe!  Toppings included green and red bell peppers, sundried tomatoes, Lil’ Smokies, black olives, and of course pepperoni!  Thanks to everyone who participated:  Project LOL’ers Eileen, Kelli, Tracey, and Special Sous Chefs Lilly and Erin!  Mangia!


Project LOL serves up Super Bowl Sunday pizza!