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Youth Envolvement

At Project LOL we are unabashedly unafraid to connect with kids through creative expression and fun, fostering self-esteem, relationship building, trust and – above all – love. We are dedicated to youth development, empowering at-risk youth to reach their potential and rise above their circumstances.


When most people think of youth development, they think of it as structured and formalized. We’ve been there, done that – and now we know we need to think of youth development as fun. The kids we work with are challenged in life and need a special kind of youth development opportunity. Our approach to youth development provides creative experiences that help kids explore their talents and connect to other people.


Our youth development program includes hands-on workshops that range from making short films to science experiments to learning how to make pizza. We also foster youth development through cultural experiences, like trips to local historical sites. Sometimes youth development can also be as simple as throwing a Frisbee at the park. But most of all, our brand of youth development is about helping kids bond and trust.


Although our youth development approach embraces fun, we are serious in our mission to empower youth through positive youth development experiences.


Each board member and workshop leader at Project LOL is committed to youth development by helping kids create positive relationships. They are present for the kids, and provide nonjudgmental support through consistency, listening and encouragement – all cleverly disguised as fun.