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Helping Kids

and Loving OutLoud

Our workshops and outings are designed to provide teens with a lot of fun…and a lot of love! We strive to create regular and ongoing experiences that stimulate their minds and their emotions, helping them build relationships and explore their talents.


Our workshops are held weekly. Please contact us to learn how you can get involved by becoming a workshop leader or a donor.

Our art workshops provide teens with a creative outlet and the opportunity to try different art mediums to express themselves - and to learn from others’ creative expressions. Sessions are led by local volunteer artists with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, and include:


• Canvas Painting

• Skateboard Deck Artistry

• Ceiling Tile Artistry

Art Workshops

Our baking and cooking workshops are both popular and inspiring, encouraging teens to create their own meals and treats, and join in creative cooking contests that help them build valuable life skills.

These workshops currently include:


• Making Ice Cream

• Creating Custom Pizza

• Mystery Box Challenges – where teams of teens receive the same ingredients and have to work together to create a winning dish

• General Baking

• Cooking an Entire Meal (e.g., for Thanksgiving, an Italian feast and other ethnic-themed dishes)

• Cooking with Burners and Microwaves

• What To Do with Leftovers


Culinary Workshops

We help teens get into the spirit with holiday-themed events and workshops throughout the year, and enjoy celebrating with them as much as they enjoy the experience! These special events include:


• Fourth of July Hosted BBQ

• Making Gingerbread Houses and Ornaments

• Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

• Creating Easter Baskets


Holiday Themed Workshops and Events

Museum Field Trips

These special outings both educate teens and expand their horizons as they learn about San Diego’s vibrant cultural landscape by touring local museums. Trips are usually followed by picnics in the park.


Science Workshops

Science is a big hit with the teens. Our workshops include results-oriented projects, where they learn to analyze scientific data in an engaging environment.


Additional Outings

Thanks to the support of our community, we’ve also been able to provide other unique outings for our teens, including all-day events like laser-tag.

Have a suggestion for a workshop you’d like to sponsor? Let us know about it! Drop us a line

Events and Workshops with the kids